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An Uncertain Grace by Krissy Kneen Review

An Uncertain Grace” is the first novel written by Krissy Kneen that I have read. So I set forth not knowing quite what to expect, but as I progressed through the stories, the unexpected presented itself time and time again.

Set in the near future, the book comprises of five parts, with the main character Liv being the common thread that links the stories.

Each book is filled with its own complexity. In book one “Casper”, we the reader, along with Casper, experience Liv losing her virginity to him, in a frighteningly rough and unpleasant way, wearing a virtual reality suit that makes him become Liv. His memories of the event are vastly different from hers and I found him to be a not particularly likeable character, trolling through his new female students every year looking for fresh meat.

I struggled with book two “Ronnie” and couldn’t relate to the jellyfish and what part they actually played in the story, making the story too complex. At this point I almost put the book aside thinking that it was hard work.

However in “Cameron” I re-engaged and felt real empathy for the synthetic/human child fearing his own death, which inevitably causes it when he voices his fears causing him to be remade again as a newer model.

Part four “M’ and I am struggling again with the complexities of what is happening in this story. Having read it twice I am still none the wiser.

And finally part 5 “Liv” where she leaves her corporeal state and lives on in a virtual life and where she finally finds a great love.

I must say that Krissy’s ideas are quite out there, paedophilia, gender transition, virtual reality and gritty sex in many ways, shapes and forms. I’m not sure that the material will appeal to a wide audience. However the book in its entirety is certainly thought provoking.

All that aside, she does write beautifully and brings great depth and reality to the stories as a whole. The descriptions throughout paint a wonderful canvas for the characters, with the ending a pleasing result.

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